Done! (Finally.)

After years of work, and time off for non-writing behavior, my final draft of my first book is finished. Now  the fun begins. I need a publisher. I’m almost positive I need an agent. My choice is to take the traditional publishing route. That was my dream since I held my first crayon to paper.

Since yesterday I am not just a writer. I’m a writer with a finished polished manuscript. I have entered the next phase of the writing life. A phase full of researching agents, publishers and trends. A phase of letter writing, outline polishing and synopsis drafting. New things to learn. New steps on the road.

After years of dreading this step, I find that I’m excited.

I considered climbing on the roof yesterday and shouting, “At last, it’s finished!” However, I didn’t want to scare the neighbors. Living near a writer is traumatic enough for them.



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2 responses to “Done! (Finally.)

  1. Heather

    Yippee!!!!! Balloons, confetti, and cheers your way! O’Fallon Public Library will be happy to host your first signing event!!!!Awesome job!

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