Cats and Common Sense

Is this your cat?


I hope it’s not. I hope you are a responsible cat owner.  This little one should be inside. There are too many dangers in our world to let your cat out alone. If you just scoffed at me and called me a cat lover –I’m not. I’m deathly allergic to the creatures, but I am compassionate and understand the danger to your much loved pet. Cats can be run over, get into fights with wild animals and other cats, be attacked by people, eaten by coyotes, and pick up diseases. They can eat and drink things that have no business being inside an animal and die as a consequence. Additionally, house cats kill millions of songbirds every year in the U.S. Why should a cat lover care? Birds eat bugs and mosquitos. Save the life a bird and you may save yourself from getting a case of West Nile Virus.

So I implore cat owners to use common sense. Even the ASPCA recommends not letting your cat out to roam alone. Cats can and should be taught to walk with you on a leash. The ASPCA website has guidelines to teach you how to break your cat into the habit. It helps control their weight, relieves their boredom, and keeps them safe. If you love your cat, be a responsible cat owner, use common sense, a leash, and keep your pet safe and healthy.


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