NaBloPoMo Day 9 Dinner Plans

I want to be the first to confess. Developing daily NaBloPoMo content is hard. Not as difficult as getting bubble gum out of long hair, but it ranks up there with starting a fire by rubbing two wet sticks together. It’s like planning dinner.

The Man Who Earns the Paycheck frequently asks me, “What’s for dinner?” Since I’m the Chief Cook and Rabbit Feeder around the old homestead, it is a legitimate question. If he only knew how often I am tempted to say, “Who wants to know?”

Developing content is like trying to decide what to cook. First you need to know what is in the pantry. Then you need to be inspired. You may have fifty cans of tuna, but if you don’t feel like eating tuna, you’re going out to dinner. Same with content. You need ideas. I need ideas. But sometimes an idea doesn’t come together and form a cohesive thought or lend itself to coherent sentences. Then there is recipe failure, like that time I made tilapia with lemon and capers wrapped in aluminum foil. It tasted like dirt. We each took a bite and went out for Mexican food.

There are other meals that are accidents, good accidents. I have achieved miracles with fresh vegetables, olive oil, mustard, lemon juice and leftover rotisserie chicken. Sometimes I have spontaneous inspiration and start cooking as the garage door goes up in the evening. Tonight’s post was like that, a fortunate accident. Except, now I’m hungry.

(P.S. I bought a new basil plant last night.)



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2 responses to “NaBloPoMo Day 9 Dinner Plans

  1. I have a cilantro plant and when I “harvest” it I clean the plants well and then freeze them in ice cubes. Yummy in certain recipes. Don’t really know why I am telling you this except that your post just happened to remind me.

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