I am a writer living in the Midwest. Although unpublished, I am working on a Science Fiction novel. There are also several first draft Horror manuscripts in my closet. I’m finding the world of publishing to be big, and a little scarier than a Hitchcock thriller.

The patio is my preferred workspace. Any patio, anywhere in the world, private or public, I prefer it to an office or desk. There’s nothing better for creativity than fresh air.

My hobbies include:
Collecting and reading cookbooks. Not all the things I cook are complete successes. Usually the failure is due to the recipe not the cook! I’ve been told that I’m an excellent cook – when I want to be.
Bird and nature watching. Whooping cranes are my grail birds.
Antique browsing. I’m married to a man who, fortunately, loves to go for the occasional drive. We’re both happy when there’s an antique shop along the road.
Watching classic movies. One word: Bogart.
Reading. This isn’t so much a hobby as a necessity. To write, one needs to read and read everything. Limit yourself to reading one genre and you limit your world.
Travel. I lived outside the US for three years and have visited six other countries.

I love to garden but actually spend more time mowing the yard than gardening. Most of my good ideas come to me in the yard. But, the title “Thoughts from Yard” seemed to have prison connotations.

This blog will be a combination of ruminations on writing, food, nature and whatever else catches my mind. Welcome & enjoy.


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